"How branding, content and sales enablement helped Buds Spas & Pools get 120% more sales in 1 year."

The ask

Buds Spas & Pools is one of Canada's oldest spa and pool companies. Buds was looking to take a different approach to its marketing efforts since traditional tactics were not generating adequate performance and ROI.

We proposed a 12-month growth partner program to dive deeply into their business and focus on their key buyer persona. The challenge was identifying the business category with the most significant opportunity for growth.

The tactics

These are the core competencies we leveraged to deliver outstanding results for the client over our one-year engagement. 


User Research
User Journeys
Competitive Research


UI  Design
UX Design
Brand Voice



Shopify Store
End-to-end Development
WordPress Platform
Rapid Prototyping


POS Integration
Shopify Integration

The approach

Phase 1: Brand experience
Consumer research helped to identify a target audience for growth opportunities, and persona research and development laid the groundwork for an optimal customer journey.

Phase 2: Content development
We created targeted content to  funnel the target persona through the customer journey. This awareness campaign included a gated quiz, special pricing offers, web pages, and blog posts.To help keep prospects engaged, we created a white paper speaking to our key buyer persona to guide them through the consideration stage.

Phase 3: Sales enablement, automation, and post-sales support
To facilitate this, we set Buds up with one of the most powerful CRM platforms, HubSpot, to manage their sales pipelines and data in one spot.

Buds realized a +120% sales uplift and, as a result, doubled their marketing budget

The recap

Asking a client to take their entire marketing budget and invest it in one type of customer is a tall order. But we knew that if we did the upfront research, we could confidently pull it off and generate the ROI they deserved.

The results? Buds realized a +120% sales uplift and, as a result, doubled their marketing budget with us the following year.

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