20 things you didn't know about Steph Fletcher

  1. I’m an only child, so I have my quirks.
  2. I have two little girls, and they could not be more different.
  3. I spent a semester of grad school in Copenhagen and drank too many Tuborgs.
  4. I love to travel – Italy is hands down my favourite place.
  5. I’ve been to Russia, and it’s as cold as you’d expect.
  6. I went to Ukrainian heritage grade school, but don’t ask me to speak Ukrainian.
  7. I have two dogs (read: two too many dogs).
  8. I need to get outside every day to stay sane.
  9. Exercise also keeps me sane.
  10. I'm not too fond of crowds and loud noises.
  11. I have an incredible sense of smell. My husband thinks I’m part-canine.
  12. I love to read – historical fictions are my favourite.
  13. I’m short in stature.
  14. I drink an excessive amount of water.
  15. I like to tickle the ivories in my spare time.
  16. I attended a mini enrichment course in high school and chose the Pathology program. I got hands-on exposure to pathology specimens which included dead bodies.
  17. I’m a neat freak.
  18. I went to Western University (go Mustangs!).
  19. I used to be an analyst. 
  20. I usually pass out when giving blood.



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