20 things you didn't know about Paul Dolanjski

  1. I am the founder of VastScatter.net and HistoricalHamilton.com.
  2. Enjoy being out in nature and hiking.
  3. Almost every weekend I visit at least one antique shop.
  4. When parking my car, I prefer to “walk further,” instead of “parking closer.”
  5. I consider myself to be a hermit.
  6. Most of my hobbies and research revolve around the natural world, archaeology and history.
  7. I listen to 80s, Industrial, and Metal music.
  8. When I go travelling and on day-trips, I visit places where no one else would go.
  9. I’ve been programming since I was 13.
  10. Landscape and habitat simulations are of interest to me.
  11. I read a book a week, and have a bookshelf of over 300 books I’ve purchased specifically to read. As I finish some, I buy more to keep my stock of “books to read” the same at all times.
  12. I still consider Visual Basic 6 my favourite programming language, mixing it with Assembly language.
  13. I probably have the largest rock and mineral collection in Hamilton.
  14. Over the last 15 years I have grown hundreds of local sapling trees from seed and donated them to a college in Ancaster for planting in their natural areas.
  15. I have been to the top of a volcano in Hawaii.
  16. My favourite insect is the ant, and I've had many ant farms over the years (including as recently as last year).
  17. I have travelled to Iceland.
  18. I enjoy winter as much as summer.
  19. Photography is my favourite hobby.
  20. Boiled chestnuts with milk is my favourite food.


HTML, CSS, PHP, NODE, ASP, SQL, C++, Java Script, VB Script, Visual Basic

Office 365 Suite, Adobe Suite, Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket

Desktop Windows, Desktop Mac, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Windows Server (2016, 2012, 2008, 2003) Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB

Object-oriented systems analysis and design

Networking TCPIP socket programming

Mapping and spatial database development

Real-time artificial intelligence environments