1. I play cricket, yes it is the same game that goes on for 5 days, no it doesn't get boring
2. Born and raised in northern India in beautiful Plains of state Punjab
3. I was born in 1996
4. I studied at Mohawk College for my Software Development Diploma
5. I speak and write in Punjabi and Hindi
6. My pastime is playing Fifa on Xbox and sucking at it
7. My YouTube recommendations are always some weird engineering related things
8. Coffee Guy
9. I can eat Burritos everyday for rest of my life
10. I will rather have an Beer if given a choice over Burritos
11. I own a guitar but don't know to play
12. My Spotify playlist is just the songs I have liked, it's very fun to shuffle through 1100 songs to find the one
13. Avid learner, always doing some sort of online learning
14. I have not been outside Ontario in Canada, Going to Montreal doesn't count as I can't remember anything
15. I love to pickup new coding languages as an exercise
16. Love/Hate relationship with code
17. I am a singer when nobody is around
18. I have portaged in Killarney Ontario, it's easier than it looks
19. I cannot think of two more things to add in here, believe me I tried

Lego guy with pin stripe suit