1. I’ve never taken a commercial flight. However I have co-piloted a seaplane with my childhood friend’s grandfather and even got to stear it for a bit.
  2. I love horror novels although I’m not a fan of horror movies. I hate jump scares.
  3. I’ll eat potatoes cooked any way except scalloped.
  4. I love to learn. If college was free, I’d take classes every year.
  5. I have lots of nicknames but my favourite is Is.
  6. I have three younger siblings who I love as if they were my own children.
  7. I love to draw and paint.
  8. I’m bilingual (French and English).
  9. I went to a small French high school here in Hamilton. My graduating class only had about 40 students.
  10. Before applying to the graphic design program at Mohawk College, I was accepted into the Health Sciences program at the University of Ottawa and was planning on going on to med school one day.
  11. I bought an Apple Watch which I mainly use to find my phone when I misplace it (which is all the time).
  12. I enjoy skateboarding but have yet to accomplish an ollie. I’ve been trying for years.
  13. I’ve only ever been to one concert in my life and I went for free. I lived by the stadium and got two tickets from people that were leaving early. It was Keith Urban and I brought my mom with me. (She has a crush on him.)
  14. I haven’t travelled a whole lot but I’d love to some day.
  15. I got my college graduation photos taken four days before the school was closed due to Covid-19. I was happy because I’d rather have the photos than a long ceremony.
  16. I definitely think that burns are the worst kind of pain.
  17. I worked at Tim Hortons to put myself through college. Funnily enough I got burned there a LOT.
  18. I prefer tea over coffee.
  19. Nestea iced tea is my favourite drink.
  20. I love plants but I’m not very good at keeping them alive.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, CSS