CASE STUDY | GROWTH PARTNER Rebranding a mature office retail business resulting in a huge ROI



Beatties is an Ontario-based office retail business that’s been around for over 100 years. They came to us wanting to modernize their marketing strategy for the digital age. To do this effectively, we knew they needed to rebrand their business to communicate their values and positioning more effectively while maintaining the loyalty they've built as a mature business.

A growth program would suit their needs perfectly.


We doubled down on audience and market research to establish a new brand identity and voice. These market insights led to the development of new buyer personas, which effectively informed our growth program.

Focusing on showcasing their case studies was an essential part of the strategy as they helped to sell the business to prospective customers. Targeted assets and offers were also created, including guides, quizzes, blogs, digital ads and AdWord campaigns.

An integral part of the growth program is sales enablement. We equipped Beatties with the full scope of HubSpot's sales hub and established a fully automated lead qualification process. This strategy ensured that no leads fell through the cracks.



After crunching the numbers, Beatties calculated an ROI of +167% from the growth program. Suffice it to say, they have stayed with us as clients and have been increasing their budget year over year.

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