CASE STUDY | CUSTOMER ACQUISITION Increasing revenue from a new customer base for a landscaping company



Wright Landscape Services is one of the most established and prominent landscaping companies in the Waterloo region. Wright came to us with the challenge of attracting a new, more significant customer base that promised higher profit margins.

The challenge? Generating qualified leads. Wright needed a proven customer acquisition strategy while also lowering the cost of acquiring each new customer. The perfect challenge for Human Code to overcome!


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We started the customer acquisition strategy with consumer research and creating a new buyer persona. Mapping the buyer persona's journey was critical as it would inform our entire content strategy.

To support customer acquisition, we completely redesigned their website to create a seamless buyer journey, with particular attention to brand voice and positioning. We also created hyper-targeted PPC and social ad campaigns that led to conversion opportunities on the refreshed website.

To support the objective of qualified leads, our team developed an app that acted as a pricing guide for landscape design. This type of lead generation magnet worked on weeding out the non-qualifiers. To tackle the customer acquisition cost, we meticulously tracked and optimized each point in the customer journey.



"The numbers don't lie" – a direct quote from Dave, Wright's owner.

We generated $635,000 in additional revenue from a new customer base, along with an ROI of 8.3. That means they earned $8.30 for every $1 spent on marketing. Not too shabby!

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