CASE STUDY | CUSTOMER RETENTION Helping an office retail business retain customers with an impactful customer journey



Brant Basics is a Peterborough-based office retail business, and they came to us via referral from our friends at Beatties. As part of the Basics buying group, they are limited to servicing the Peterborough region. And so, customer retention is an essential part of their marketing strategy.


Taking our full-funnel marketing approach, we focused on the brand experience first. Market research, persona development, and website redesign laid the groundwork for a new customer journey.

That customer journey funnelled to a new offer that differentiated from the big-boy competitors. We branded their free personalized account service as the Prestige account to create a solid customer experience that prioritized loyalty and retention.

No customer journey is complete without a well-oiled sales automation process. Setting them up with the all-powerful HubSpot CRM enabled a seamless onboarding experience for the offer. They could also do sales outreach and integrate their e-commerce store to get trending customer data, which allows more personalized recommendations.



The team at Brant Basics was thrilled with the results and has continued to partner with us. Some of the key outcomes:

  • A fully mapped-out customer journey that makes sense for their business
  • A primary offer that converts and serves the higher purpose of customer retention
  • A sales enablement and automation process that allows their team to sell faster and better
  • A post-sales experience for customer feedback
  • Data, insights, and trends to learn and grow from
  • A modernized website that converts

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