Brand Marketing & Development

We provide technical digital agency services that leverage user behaviour data to influence search marketing performance. We practice the principles of integrated search, applying best practices for Ad experiments to sync together with best in class brand strategy to turn website goals into digitally-focused happy customer experiences.

And EVERY customer has a brand they love that is waiting to be optimized.

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Building A Brand & Persona

OK, so we all know what a brand is. Duh.


But what the hell is ‘brand marketing’?


In a nutshell, brand marketing is the practice of promoting your product or service in a way that calls attention to your brand. The goal is to connect your brand values and identity to every brand communication. Brand marketing is the lynchpin between your product or service and your customers.


People often assume brand marketing means slapping their logo and brand name everywhere they can, but brand marketing is so much more than that. It involves having a brand strategy that is defined, consistent and reflective of what the brand wants to be known for.


Effective brand marketing builds brand equity, which is the perceived value of your brand by consumers, rather than the actual value of the products and services themselves.


Take Kleenex, for example. Why do so many consumers buy Kleenex over a less expensive generic brand? Because Kleenex is a brand seen as premium, recognizable, and trustworthy by shoppers. And this isn’t by mistake - it’s by design.


We help you reach your potential for greatness.


Building A Brand Experience

What are the benefits of brand marketing?


First and foremost, a well-defined brand marketing strategy will help you stand out in a saturated market. Many other businesses do what you do, so how do you differentiate your business?

[Case Study: See how we refreshed the Beattie’s brand to achieve 167% return on their marketing investment]

It also helps build credibility, customer loyalty and brand recognition. Most importantly, brand marketing enables you to define your target market, target ideal customers and charge what you’re worth.


Who needs brand marketing?

Every single business on the planet needs brand marketing. If you have a brand, you have to market it. It’s not enough to get a logo designed; you need a considered brand marketing strategy woven through every marketing communication.

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It’s estimated that it takes less than 10 seconds for a person to form an opinion about a brand. So it’s no surprise that nearly 90% of marketers say building brand awareness is their top goal (not sure what the other 10% are doing?).

And brand marketing is not just good for brand awareness; consistent branding across all platforms is shown to increase revenue by up to 23%. That’s nothing to sniff at.