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  • review your website’s analytics to identify some quick wins
  • zero in on key aspects of your target persona to entice them further down the funnel
  • get clear on your customer’s journey and how to increase conversions
  • identify your business objectives, growth targets and KPIs
  • learn more about the “inbound” approach to marketing, sales and customer service
  • discuss your growth hack, if you had one done by us, or
  • get expert advice on another pressing growth challenge or opportunity for your business

Meet your coaches

Michael Salvatori (President and CEO)

Give Mike three ingredients—let’s say asparagus, Saltine crackers and a car battery—and he’ll make a gourmet meal. And it’s not just because he’s a foodie. Mike is obsessed with solving problems and does his most creative work under the tightest constraints, be they time, budget, technology or ingredients. In fact, using unconventional thinking to find answers in the most unexpected places has been Mike’s MO throughout his career—from the time he wrote the wrong stats exam at university (and passed) to his current role as CEO of Hamilton’s one-and-only growth agency.

Greg MacCharles (Account strategy director)

Greg started growing businesses at the tender age of 9. Back then it was shovelling driveways, delivering groceries and mowing lawns. Once he was a grown-up, his entrepreneurial energy was focused on founding, growing and eventually selling two successful startups, Scratch Research (offering consulting services to businesses looking for product/market fit) and Chatter Research (a leader in AI-driven real-time customer feedback solutions for retail and hospitality). Today, he helps Human_Code’s clients develop measurable, testable strategies to grow their businesses—but he treats them as if they were his own.

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