Proud to be rockin’ it with the Sound of Music Festival

Date Posted: June 1, 2016

When it comes to music—and Burlington—we’re big fans. That’s why we’re proud to announce our five-year partnership with the Sound of Music Festival. We’ll help the festival keep on rockin’ with a whole new generation of music lovers while maintaining what’s made it great—all the stuff that the festival’s marketing manager, Janet Stephens, talks about below.

Sound of Music Festival Partnership

We like to rock ‘n’ roll. In fact, about half of our team plays a musical instrument, a number of us have our own bands, and one of us is an acclaimed concert photographer. Even if we don’t play, we’re a very appreciative audience. It’s no surprise, then, that when we heard Burlington’s award-winning Sound of Music Festival was looking for a partner to build its brand online, we wanted to share that stage.

Helping the Festival hit the high notes

The Sound of Music—billed as Canada’s largest free music festival—brings more than 220,000 music lovers from Burlington and beyond to the waterfront for nine days each June. For almost 40 years, it has attracted big name talent like The Cult and hometown heroes like Peter Baxter’s kids’ music teacher. (Peter is our director of products and all he asks for every Father’s Day is the dog, a backpack of bevvies and kid-free time to walk downtown to the festival.)

Human_Code’s five-year partnership with the Sound of Music starts in 2016. Our job is to help the festival keep on rockin’—building its brand and creating a great online experience for its fans. We’ll also help attract a younger crowd of music lovers with a fresh look and great content that reflects the values of the festival and its new audience.

Sounds of Music Festival

Inside scoop: Janet Stephens dishes on the 2016 festival

When we wanted to know a little more about the 2016 event, we went straight to marketing manager Janet Stephens for the inside scoop.

A surprise in this year’s lineup
“Friday night’s headliner will be officially announced on June 6. Stay tuned…”

Your top tip for first-timers
“Plan your visit ahead of time to see the performers you’d like, and take the shuttle from the Fairview GO station. Spring for a VIP upgrade and enjoy TD Stage shows from the Sweet Seats tent or FrontRow to get as close as you can without actually being onstage.”

The best place for a picnic
“The beach at the base of the pier if there’s room or, better yet, try something new from one of the many food trucks onsite. Bring a reusable water bottle and use our water refilling stations.”

Your quick fix for cranky kids
“Lifesize Jenga in the Kids Naturally Children’s Village or a ride on the free mechanical bull on John Street on Saturday. There are kids’ performers on Saturday and Sunday in the Children’s Village too!”

The one thing you wouldn’t miss every year
“For me, it’s enjoying the festival vibe on a street-side patio on Brant Street during Downtown Streetfest. Nothing beats a warm summer night and dancing on the streets.”

The Sound of Music Festival kicks off Saturday, June 11 and ends Sunday, June 19th. For information on the specific schedule and what to expect please visit their website at We’ll see you there!

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