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25 things you didn’t know about Adam Wills

Adam Wills

25 Things about Adam by Adam

  1. Coronation Street. Yup. I love it. Haven’t missed an episode in years.
  2. Pizza. Worked at a pizza place for 5 years and still not sick of the stuff.
  3. Toronto Raptors. Fan since day 1.
  4. Heavy Metal. It’s not a phase. Really.
  5. Concert Photography. I like to take photos at concerts. I publish my work through Exclaim! Magazine and
  6. Favourite Movie: Oldboy. The original, directed by Park Chan-wook
  7. Favourite Album: Terria by Devin Townsend. Have never heard anything else like it. Still.
  8. I really want to go to Japan. Japanese culture baffles me. I have to see it in person. Also, wow, it is beautiful.
  9. I toured Europe on my own. Saw England, Netherlands and France. Shot a huge music festival in western France. What a blast.
  10. Cookies. A huge weakness.
  11. I have a brother. His name is Dustin. Apparently we’re quite alike. Except he can snowboard.
  12. Cats > Dogs. Fact.
  13. I golf. Not well, though.
  14. I have a few side projects. I contribute and help run, a heavy metal webzine based here in Hamilton. I am also working on – a website to help showcase local events and bands.
  15. One of my photos was published everywhere. Devin Townsend chose one of my photos as a go-to image for album art, which also appeared on shirts, posters, a DVD box set. Amazing!
  16. I collect records. What kind of music nerd must I be if I didn’t have shelves of vinyl?
  17. I have a personal blog… that desperately needs a new blog post soon.
  18. I live and work in downtown Hamilton and love it.
  19. I play sports. Over the years, I’ve played baseball, basketball, soccer, judo, jiu-jitsu, badminton and bowling. Yes, bowling. I have bowling trophies.
  20. My first concert: Black Sabbath. There’s not much better first concerts for a metal guy than the guys who invented the genre.
  21. I have two different coloured eyes. Some people notice right away, some notice 2 years later.
  22. I play bass and guitar… at least I try to.
  23. I co-host a radio show. On Wednesdays at midnight, you can catch me (and my partner-in-crime Laura) as we co-host the metal show on 93.3 CFMU McMaster Campus Radio.
  24. I have a hard time not making ridiculous faces for photos. Because serious faces are boring.
  25. I’ve loved becoming a part of the Hamilton community – co-organizing the Hamilton WordPress Meetup group, co-organizing WordCamp Hamilton, teaching and mentoring with the Ladies Learning Code.

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