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21 things you didn’t know about Adrian Cooper

Adrian Cooper

21 Things about Adrian by Adrian

  1. Originally from Manchester, England and Moved to Canada in November 2010
  2. Traveled for 18 months through Thailand, Australia and USA
  3. Lived in Australia for 12 months where I became a chef in Bondi Beach
  4. Like to garden and grow my own veg
  5. Cracked my teeth in a swimming pool just after I had my braces off – One angry mum
  6. Indian cuisine is my fav
  7. I’m a keen swimmer
  8. Massive football (Soccer) fan and religiously follow my home team – Manchester United
  9. I really enjoy the great outdoors and hiking
  10. Had a passion for designing logos from a very young age
  11. Love the BBC wildlife TV shows
  12. Drink way to much tea
  13. Relentlessly want to know everything about everything
  14. Done a few charity 10kms as well as the CN Tower Climb
  15. Always push myself to do better than before
  16. Trying to follow the Maple Leafs / TFC – Finding it painful
  17. Made the move from Toronto to Burlington in 2016
  18. I like to unwind by experimenting with cooking
  19. Love to crack a joke or two
  20. Have a sister who works at the Houses of Parliament in London, UK
  21. My parents live in a medieval town, where there is a pub still there from 1306

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