We heart Agile. So why should you care?

We heart Agile. So why should you care? Well, we figured if we asked ourselves what we love (and even what we don’t love so much) about Agile, it would help put the advantages and, yes, challenges into terms that real humans can understand. So here’s part 1, in the words of Jen, Paul and Marco.

There was a time when every single one of the humans at Human_Code hadn’t heard of Agile. For Scott that was maybe when he was in the womb. For Marco – our newest team member – it was just a few months ago. Most of us remember what it was like to be introduced to the principles and the lingo, and how confusing, complex and different it was from business-as-usual. This post is meant to cut through all the jargon and get to the heart of why we love working in an agile way, the challenges it can present, and why it’s great for our clients.

Jen Dawson


I love Agile because it has revolutionized my way of working. Thanks to Agile, I now know important questions to ask (stuff like “what do we need to test?” and “how small can we make this to get the most learning?”). And while I don’t always remember to ask these questions, others on my team do (which is another thing I love about Agile. Everyone on the team has the same investment in the outcome, and everyone has a valuable perspective to share). Agile reminds me that testing things in the real world and making adjustments is better than perfecting them in my head and presenting them as done. I only wish I knew about Agile when I redid my kitchen.

Paul Dolanjski


The Agile methodology is great. And here’s why: you, the client, are part of the process. We get to build and you get to test out a product very quickly without needing to sink a huge amount of time into scoping the whole thing out. We collaborate on each iteration of the product, learning during the process and focusing on the results you are looking to achieve rather than building everything under the sun.

Marco Posteraro


Although I’m new to the methodology, so far the thing I love most about Agile is collaboration. Agile development brings all the parties to the table, allowing thoughts and ideas to be shared and developed, insights to be explored, and any issues that come up during the specified time frame to be investigated and resolved. Collaboration between team members, and including the stakeholders in the process, means the product becomes visible faster, with less cost and fewer issues—all of which are fantastic. But what’s even better is that Agile builds stronger relationships with everyone involved and increases the productivity and effectiveness for future projects each and every time.

In Part 2 we’ll hear from…

Brandon, Mike, Keith and Greg!