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20 things you didn’t know about Scott Elcomb

Scott Elcomb

20 Things about Scott by Scott

  1. Father
  2. Book eater
  3. Code slinger
  4. Web application developer
  5. Linux user
  6. Open Source activist
  7. Open Data activist
  8. Twitter wrangler
  9. Politically engaged
  10. Problem solver
  11. Electronics hobbyist
  12. Hobbyist game designer / developer
  13. Technology specialist
  14. Enjoys helping startups solve difficult technological challenges
  15. Electronic music production
  16. Continuous self-improvement
  17. Periodic speaker at tech communities/events in the Golden Horseshoe
  18. Former Boy Scout
  19. Instruments played for more than 3 years: Trumpet, Guitar, Piano
  20. Keeps an eye out for the #robopocalypse

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Scott Elcomb

Scott Elcomb

Product Development / #Systemsbuilder

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