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20 things you didn’t know about Richard Clifford


20 Things about Richard by Richard

  1. I have two college diplomas from Sheridan College: 1) Illustration; 2) Business Administration – Marketing
  2. I have a post-graduate certificate in Internet Management from Humber College
  3. I have a B. Comm in Business Technology Management (double major – Business and Information Technology Management) from Ryerson University
  4. When I was in my early twenties I apprenticed to be a carpenter at George Brown college
  5. I have been married for 20 years and have two boys, Harper 9 and Keaton 12
  6. I was born in LaSalle Quebec, to my father, who had only ever left Quebec once, when he met my mother while on vacation in Florida – my mother was born in Cuba, and had recently left Cuba to live in Florida – as a result, I can order beer in three different languages
  7. I watched the movie Rocky when I was 8 and was instantly hooked on exercising, my father bought me my first set of weights shortly after and I have been trying to become Rocky ever since – unfortunately it has not happened for me…yet (sigh)
  8. I exercise 6 – 7 days per week and eat three times as many calories as I burn – seems kind of pointless, but for some reason I keep doing it
  9. I live in Mississauga
  10. My favourite colour is red
  11. My favourite number is 11
  12. I love the beach, and do my best to visit the ocean at least once per year
  13. I like to boogie board, although surfing would be a whole lot cooler, but I am too cheap to invest in a surf board
  14. I like to swim
  15. I like to run, but not obsessively
  16. My favourite desert is blueberry pie
  17. My favourite meal is spaghetti, but only home-cooked
  18. If I could, I would retire in the Caribbean, somewhere near a beach
  19. I will smoke the occasional cigar
  20. I like to read and watch movies, anything that will allow me to drift from reality

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