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20 things you didn’t know about Peter Baxter

Peter Baxter

20 Things about Peter by Peter

  1. I spent almost a year wandering around Costa Rica – what I loved about it was waking up every day wondering if I would survive the day
  2. I lived in the red light district of Amsterdam for 4 years
  3. I have almost died climbing mountains in Vancouver (twice)
  4. I am an avid rock climber, skier and runner
  5. I have run the 30km around the Bay 3 times – then stopped running
  6. I have jumped a burning car off a cliff into a quarry (on purpose)
  7. I have a wiener dog (dachshund) named “Chloe”
  8. I met my wife at work – she refused to have a relationship with me because we worked together
  9. In the span of 3 years I bought a house, got engaged, got married and had 2 kids
  10. I’ve been in almost every penitentiary from Quebec to Vancouver (as a technician)
  11. I’m a trained commercial mediator
  12. I like solving problems, but I like understanding all the options
  13. I grew up on a lake that has a town underneath it
  14. I love fishing, but haven’t caught anything in 5 years
  15. I have read every Clive Barker book ever written
  16. My kids make me laugh harder than any adult ever has
  17. I’ve always wanted a monkey butler
  18. I am a big believer in “what comes around” but I have yet to see evidence of it
  19. Howler monkeys made me love Van Morrison
  20. I am addicted to anything with sugar (seriously)

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