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20 things you didn’t know about Paul Dolanjski

Paul Dolanjski

20 Things about Paul by Paul

  1. I am the founder of, and vastscatter.
  2. Enjoy being out in nature and hiking
  3. Almost every weekend I visit at least one antique shop
  4. When parking my car, I prefer to “walk further”, instead of “parking closer”
  5. I consider myself to be a hermit
  6. Most of my hobbies & research revolve around the natural world (Geology), Archaeology and History
  7. I listen to 80s, Industrial, and Metal music
  8. When I go travelling & day-trips, I visit places where no one else would go
  9. I’ve been programming since I was 13
  10. Biological & environment simulations are of interest to me
  11. I read a book a week, and have a bookshelf of over 150 books I’ve purchased specifically to read. As I finish some, I buy more to keep my stock of “books to read” the same at all times.
  12. I collect historic bottles (pre-1900’s) and have 138 of them currently in my museum
  13. I still enjoy Visual Basic 6 as my favourite programming language, and mix it with Assembly language
  14. I probably have the largest rock & mineral collection in Hamilton
  15. Over the last 10 years I have grown from seed and donated hundreds of local sapling trees to a college in Ancaster for planting in their natural areas
  16. I have been to the top of a volcano in Hawaii
  17. My favourite insect is the Ant, and I had many ant farms over the years (including last year)
  18. I would like to travel to Iceland one day
  19. I enjoy winter as much as summer
  20. Photography is my favourite hobby

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