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20 things you didn’t know about Johncarlo Spilotro

Johncarlo Spilotro

20 Things about Johncarlo by Johncarlo

  1. I weighed 1lb 13oz when I was born
  2. I have been Coaching Women’s Soccer for 9 Years
  3. Referee Soccer (4 years) recently started playing Indoor Soccer for 2 years.
  4. Fan of ALF
  5. Have been Storm Chasing (and plan to go again)
  6. Can throw a football 35-40 yards
  7. I make fun of Raushan when I see him
  8. Ate 8 bags of popcorn while waiting in line for a movie once. (Didn’t taste anything but salt for a week after that)
  9. Ate 12 plate of crab legs at The Mandarin
  10. Flipped over a Kayak
  11. Seen all of John Savidis’ Movies
  12. Routinely Spar with Friends (They tell me I am violent)
  13. Run Obstacle Races (Spartan Race/Warrior Dash)
  14. Jumped out of a plan 12,500 ft in the air.
  15. Punched a Friend under a Waterfall
  16. Ate 42.5 Meatballs in 1 hour
  17. Watched 18 episodes of Power Rangers in one sitting
  18. Have had 2 t-shirts ripped off me while I was wearing them
  19. When I bought my first car, the next day I dislocated my shoulder playing football (Still had it in a sling a week or so later when I had my interview here)
  20. Made fun of Quinton Porter at a Ticat game not knowing his family was right beside us.

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