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21 things you didn’t know about Drea Baptiste

Drea Baptiste

21 Things about Drea by Drea

  1. I wish I was more like my son…an artist, ninja, diplomat, jedi, superhero.
  2. I love movies. My earliest memory was seeing Star Wars, yes, the original Star Wars at the Tivoli theatre here in Hamilton.
  3. I am a culture junkie – I read every magazine I can get my hands on, watch far too much television, love music, obsess over the latest fashion and interior design trends….you get the idea.
  4. Leslie Knope is dope, Beverly Goldberg is scrumptious, Sue Sylvester says exactly what I am thinking and now you can tell I watch far too much TV.
  5. I am a voracious reader and I will always read the book before I see the movie.
  6. I miss letters. (That’s when you poured your heart out on real paper, put it in an envelope, stuck a stamp on it and put it in one of those red boxes on the street. A week or two later, that letter would be delivered and you would wait anxiously for a reply. Ah…the magic is gone.)
  7. My drink of choice is cappuccino.
  8. I can drink and swear like a sailor.
  9. I was in the school choir in high school – we were the 80’s version of Glee.
  10. Yes, I am a child of the 80’s and I get nostalgic about rotary phones, records and perms. (ok – maybe not perms)
  11. I’m pretty sure I have OCD – I like things the way I like ‘em.
  12. Patience is not my virtue but I am working on it.
  13. I love Sunday breakfast.
  14. I think I am Adele and Amy Winehouse’s love child.
  15. Everything on my bucket list involves travelling. I love to travel.
  16. My given name is Andrea but only my mother and ‘the government’ call me that.
  17. I am a horrible liar… I wear my emotions on my face.
  18. I got my first job at age 11 as a server at Visca’s Banquet Hall. (watch the Wedding Singer)
  19. I think chocolate has magical properties and can make anything better. Just ask Harry Potter and Switzerland.
  20. Best days of my life so far….the day we adopted our dogs, my wedding and the day my son was born.
  21. I’m perfectly imperfect, I’m still working on my masterpiece.

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